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Throwing Rocks and Staring At The Sun


Starring: Leo Romero and Ryan Sambol

Directed, Shot & Edited: Michael Cukr

OST: Leo Romero, Ryan Sambol

Post Sound Mixer: Pete Kesner

Anonymous Zone

Directed: Kai Neville

Filmed: Kai Neville, Michael Cukr, and Jared Lucas

Edited: Kai Neville and Michael Cukr


Starring: Ishod Wair, Kevin Terpening, Raven Tershy and Peter Ramondetta

Presented: Monster Energy

Fairly Normal: Dane Reynolds

Producer: Travis Ferre

Director: Michael Cukr 

Music: Julian Klincewicz, Six Finger Hand and Ryan Sambol

Fairly Normal: Andrew Allen

Director: Michael Cukr and Blake Myers

Additional Footage: Benny Maglinao, Cody Green, Logan Lara

Fairly Normal: Leo Romero

Director: Michael Cukr and Blake Myers

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